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What We Do

National's focus and its vast experience in the field of poultry operations brings you in-depth expertise and professionalism. With intent to provide quality support and deliver quality products, National invests heavily in technology and research and development.


Over a period of 16 years, National has mastered the art of cost and productivity optimization. Company owned feed mills, hatcheries, efficient supply chain management, are indicators that you need not look outside when you are part of National's family of successful poultry farmers.


With our new welding electrodes sector, we would like to further our capabilities into increasing our market share in Bangladesh, and provide world class welding electrodes to all the fellow welders in the villages and the shores of Bangladesh.


We feel a strong sense of responsibility towards all of our stakeholders: business partners, employees, our society at large and the environment. This commitment extends across every one of our business areas and locations.


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