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Akther Hossain Babul

Founder, National Group


Since our inception, National Industries
has been strategically focused on agribusinesses, diversifying itself into different sectors for a sustainable growth

With the birth of National Hatchery pvt. ltd, Bangladesh in 1998, National Industries has come a long way. Founded by Akther Hossain Babul, Chairman and CEO of the group, the idea of forming an agricultural based business came from the days when the founder set foot on the Florida farms in the mid 80's where he noticed professional state of the art technology integrated with nature. With his humble beginnings, from Dohar, Dhaka, he went to the USA, thinking that he needs to better himself, and so began his days working hours in the streets of New York's midtown Manhattan. He quickly moved to the suburbs of Florida from the city that never sleeps, and then on migrated back to Dhaka, Bangladesh  in order to give back to his people from the knowledge and experience which he picked up over the years. 


With the birth of National Hatchery and with the group's expansion of reaching into the feed sector, both National Feed Mills & National Hatchery have played important roles in opening doors to the Bengali farmer and helped redefine what the farmer had to do for an easier living. On a more recent note, National has now expanded its horizons and has developed an energy division, which is an up and coming welding electrode manufacturing company in the country.


At National Industries, we believe in giving back to the people and to the planet. We believe there is a potential for unlimited growth in our company, and will keep working towards building a name of quality & trust in a global scale. We believe in all who's aboard in National Industries and encourage our stakeholders to keep on enjoying what National has to offer, and be part of the National Family. 


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